What are main side effects of HGH?

Different people have embarked on using HGH for different specific purposes. It should be noted that HGH has both positive and negative effects which depends on the dosage although they start gradually. Here are some of the negative effects of HGH:

It causes Carpal tunnel syndrome

This syndrome is characterised by an occasional feeling of ‘pins and needles’ on the palms and fingers. This is often seen in people who take 4IU of HGH or higher because the hormone causes an increase in metabolic process making your muscles feel like they are having pins. However, this side effect is temporal and it subsides after the dosage is lowered or in three weeks after you’ve stopped the cycle. You should understand that this effect is only noticeable during the first phases of using the hormone, after sometime, your tissues and muscles adapt and the carpel syndrome is barely noticeable.

Morning aches

Mostly, when HGH users wake up, they feel really tired and worn out for some minutes then regain to normal health. Slight pain is experienced in the joints, toes, fingers and body muscles upon waking up. This is probably because the body is still regenerating and growing while still they are asleep and upon waking up they need some adjustments. Also, gym workout on a prior day could be another reason why some people experience morning aches.


Water retention

When using a dose of 4IU and above, some people feel that they’ve swollen fingers or face due to water retention effect of using HGH. Some people prefer this water retention effect because it gives them a youthful look, a tight skin and most of all iron out a lot of wrinkles which they could be having. However, if you don’t like having water retention in your tissues, you are supposed to lower the dosage or stop using the hormone for about 2 weeks.


This is an effect of having too low glucose levels in the blood. This effect is very common when starting, ending or changing a dosage I a cycle. This effect is usually manifested by ‘hunger attacks’ which occur often in a short span of time especially after a workout. Hypoglycemia can last up to 2 weeks after HGH for sale cycle example of this cycle  has ended and hence you are supposed to seek help from a practitioner to be able to be able to counter the effect.

Although HGH has negative effects explained above, it still has a lot of positive effects which makes a lot of people use them. Some of the positive effects are:

  • Increases tissue growth and regeneration
  • It results in higher energy levels when used and consequently boosts sex drive (libido)
  • HGH improves the immune system because immune cells and tissues are regenerated at a faster rate counteracting infections
  • HGH usage results in skin improvement because the skin smoothen due to water retention
  • People who uses the hormone have a higher muscle mass especially if they do regular workouts. Faster and regular tissue growth is the main factor in increasing muscle mass
  • It increases cardiac output and hence Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). The body usually burns carbs at a higher rate because a lot of energy is required in the body
  • Due to high energy production, HGH promotes faster growth of hair and nails

After the hormone was introduced, there were theoretical effects which were raised by some researchers although they have not been proven yet. The theoretical effects explained were:

  • Acromegaly: This is enlargement of organs, bones and fingers. The effect can occur if you use extremely high doses of HGH for a long period of time continuously (about 10 years)
  • Growth of existing cancer: Since HGH stimulates higher growth and regeneration of tissues, if you happen to have cancer, the cells will divide at a higher rate increasing the rate cancer is spreading in your body.

Having both the negative and the positive effects of HGH can help you make a sound decision on whether to start or stop the cycle. In case you need additional information, you can visit a medical practitioner or specialist to help you make the right decision.

Side effects of growth hormone